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“Size does matter”

Its truly all about the lens and quite frankly “not all lenses are created equal. One of the hardest lessons for up and coming photographers to grasp is the premise that every job may in fact require a different type of lens. For instance, when shooting subjects or items for which a extremely far way, you would need a telephoto lens.  However, if you are looking to shoot subjects at very close range, you would require a macro lens.

Then there is the issue of lighting. In this scenario, its all about the lens.  The f stop and aperture makes a world of difference depending on what conditions you plan to take photos in, e.g. poor lighting conditions or, very bright conditions. For better understanding of f stops and aperture, please refer to the chart below.

Figure 1


Then there are wide angle lenses, according to Rick Berk “Wide angles should be used when prominent foreground objects are present. The primary mistake made by new photographers is to use wide angles incorrectly- by not being close enough, having no interest in the foreground, or by trying to include too much in the scene. Wide angles are also handy in tight areas, like small rooms, cars, caves, etc. They can give volume to the small area. Wide angles have the potential to drastically change your photography.”

For more details on lenses, please read “Choosing Lenses: When to Use Which Lens and Why

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