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A night of magic at Miami Beach Community Church

May 16, 2015. The evening was cool, people, life, the city was alive, thriving.  Friends, family, even strangers got in on the act. Ilon Fernandez walks into Miami Beach Community Church, where we all awaited with anxiety. Not long after came Lizette Perez, the bride. Time stood still for just one moment as she made her way to her soon to be husband. Everyone stood with joy and the bride, which might was well be called a queen, with her dress, her presence, set the stage for what would be defined as a magical moment, “one which would echo in eternity.”

What a beautiful ceremony. It was perfect. Once the ceremony came to rest, husband and wife were greeted by countless people outside the church, all of which were cheering with excitement. Bystanders, taking countless pictures of the couple with their phones.

After a round of photos, everyone made their way to the reception. What a surprise, the magic continued. The place was decorated as though a king and queen had set foot into a royal ball. The food, the drinks, the decor, the services, all exceptional. Then, “in one instance, time stopped yet again as the first song to be danced by husband and wife would play.”

I don’t think this couple could have picked a more perfect song to set the tone for this marriage. Everyone would stare, mesmerized, as husband and wife danced away. Each time  I hear this song, I am transported to that fateful moment.

A magical moment
A magical moment

Once the couple concluded their first dance, everyone began dancing, enjoying all types of genres on the dance floor. What a wonderful experience. One to be relived over and over again. Wishing this couple a lifetime of unconditional love, commitment and continued success in their life-long-journey united as one.

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